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Note to self:

Unbaked cookies, even ones with oatmeal, are not heavy enough to force flat the silicone mat that you have kept rolled up in a drawer for several years.

In other words: The mat, if bigger than the cookie sheet you put it on, will almost certainly go back to its default, rolled shape, even with the cookie dough on it.



Unexpected Results ....

I should know better than to try and guess my answer in advance! I think I'm not disappointed, though.

Your Score: Micah Sanders

You scored 58 Idealism, 37 Nonconformity, 45 Nerdiness

Can we play Scrabble tonight?

Congratulations, you're Micah Sanders! You're good-natured, intelligent, perceptive, and naturally inclined toward technology. You're also quite innocent and loving. You've got a fondness for computers and Scrabble.

Your best quality: You're extremely perceptive
Your worst quality: You can be a little demanding at times

Link: The Heroes Personality Test written by freedomdegrees on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test


Circular reasoning

It is hot, so I have the fan on.

The fan blows air across my ear, which gives me a headache.

So I turn the fan off, which makes me hot.

Now I am hot AND I have a headache.

So I turn the fan on ...

In other news, idea maps are lots of fun. Doctor Who makes me happy. Family reunions, and being "the only person in the family who plays piano", not so much. Getting ready to write another chapter? Is 'trepidacious' a word? Cause if not, I call dibs.

Tag clouds? Wicked cool.

Someday ...

I'd like to go the airport, slap my credit card on the counter, and say, "Book me on the first flight out of here. I don't care where it's going." 

And do the same at the next airport, and the next, and the next, until my credit ran out.

I wonder how far I could get?

(If only they accepted) The Reality Show

Just finished watching another round of auditions on American Idol.  It's like America's greatest renewable resource*: there are always new, more horrible people auditioning and I am constantly surprised by just how awful they are. Plus, no one ever wants to admit that the reason they don't move on is because they suck.

No, instead they must blame the system, and the failed contestant gets all riled up because the judges on the show are, like, you know, JUDGING, and saying that they're bad and stuff, when the truth is the contestant is just a person, just like the judges are people and they have NO RESPECT for all the work that the contestant has done and TOTALLY THE JUDGES SHOULD JUST PASS THEM ON MERIT, BECAUSE COME ON, LOOK AT ME!!

Since when did the role of judge not include any actual judging?

Since never.

But on every version of the 'talent' show this is the constant lament of the truly awful contestant. OMG THE JUDGES JUDGED ME AND WHO SAID THEY COULD DO THAT?

Dude! You did when you signed the application form!

And I totally spotted perhaps the most entitled "So You Think You Can Dance" auditioner EVAH in the musical montage segment ... and as bad a dancer as he was, he was twenty times worse as a singer.

I can go to bed a happy woman.

*or crack. There are arguments to be made on both sides.


Such a crazy term! Teaching two classes, saying farewell to beloved kitty Zelda, welcoming a new little kitty into my life, watching my sister get ever bigger with "Mo" aka "Denise or Denephew"; parents moving house, sick friends, engaged friends, friends needing cat-sitting services, friends needing baby-sitting services ... this list could go on for hours.



Home again, home again, jiggity-jig

I have received a few enquiring emails from friends wondering if my trip is over, as there's been nothing posted in the LJ for a few days. 

It's true! I am home. It just never ocurred to me that I should post about that, as it is probably the least interesting part of the trip, lol! 

And of course, there's always so much to do after two weeks away: laundry, mail, work and So You Think You Can Dance episodes to catch up on! Plus, now that I'm home I need to restart the dissertation countdown, and, of course, I have two courses to plan and prepare. 

Overall, though, I'm extremely glad we came home last Thursday and not this Thursday, even if our flight was delayed an hour on departure because Charles de Gaulle airport had only one runway open for take-off. (Oh, France! It's a good thing you have such delicious pastry!)

And now, off to see my sister, who is feeling kicks and has a baby pooch!

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